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About JDN roofline installations#

Below shows you the different stages that are involved within the installation process. We have included this guide to ensure you get a clear understanding of what we do at each stage.

We always complete each installation to our high quality standards and care for your home as we would for ours.

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1. Scaffolding and specialist equipment is used where required. We do this with minimal noise and inconvenience to you and your neighbours.
installation of uPVC 4. Now the fitting is ready for the PVCU guttering and downpipes. This is a great finish to the rest of the roofline installation. All of your old guttering and roofline parts are disposed of.
2. Next we begin to assess your current roofline, remove your old rotting timbers and install the first part of the UPVC roofline system, along with the ventilation system and other specialist fixing parts.
installation of uPVC 5. The final stage involves implementing quality checks and testing to ensure the installation is up to our usual standards.
installation of uPVC 3. We are now at the stage to begin fitting the high quality PVCU fascias, soffits and bargeboards. As with all other steps in the process, we ensure all fittings are perfectly aligned and always clean up any debris.
6. The final result is a stunning new roofline installation, that will last for years, needs no maintenance and can add value to your property.

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